New Year Resolutions

I know it is a little late in the year to talk about new year’s resolutions. However, I thought that I would write about my progress regarding these in order to keep track of my achievements.

My first resolution was to get more active and try to lose weight. I think that this would be the most common new year resolution people make. That being said, I put on around 10 kilograms over a year due a variety of factors. The main one being that I injured by back in January 2018 in which I still visit the physiotherapist once a month to keep in check. In order to keep my weight in check I decided to start going to the gym and aim to complete a half marathon on 3 August. So far I am managing to go to the Gym at least 2 times a week. I have lost around 2 kilograms since starting in February 8 May. I now weigh around 95kg. With respect to running the half marathon, my training has not really started. I know time is running out and I need to start training, this will require more of a commitment in my evenings and potentially reducing the amount of gym sessions I complete each week.

My second resolution was to deal with my property that is vacant in Turangi. This would either be by selling it, or doing it up so that it can be rented. I tried selling the property as is, however, received no offers on the property. This was rather disappointing. Therefore I decided I decided that I would do the property up so that it could be rented. So far I have completed the painting of the ceilings, and walls. I have also removed the old kitchen and the wall in the dining room. The new kitchen has been designed at cabjaks and I am waiting to complete the painting before installation. I have also moved the wall between a bedroom and the bathroom and the hallway and the bathroom. The goal of this was to make the bathroom larger so that it can fit a bath. So far I have made some progress, however, it is not complete.

My last resolution was to restart my french lessons. I was studying french from 2014 to 2017. However, in February 2018 Alliance Francaise cancelled their lessons in Pakuranga. Due to work and other commitments I never managed to re-enrol into one of their Grey Lynn classes. The last class I completed was their B2.1 class. I re-enrolled and started lessons in their B2.2 class on 7 February. I’m very rusty at the moment having not studied for over a year, however, I’m sure that I will remember my earlier studies once I get further into the classes.