Rental Property Renovations

It has been awhile since I have made a post on this blog (over 12 months now). Hopefully, I will keep it more regularly updated.

At the moment, I have almost finished working on painting the interior of my rental property in Turangi. The only painting remaining inside is in the kitchen. I took a long weekend around Waitangi day (6 February) and I organised the carpet laying and started preparing the weather boards for painting. Over Easter I planned to have the kitchen install organised, along with organising the vinyl in the kitchen and dining room area. I also hoped to have the exterior paint job finished. However, due to the Covid-19 restrictions in place from 26 March I was stuck at home and unable to travel outside Auckland.

I didn’t have the opportunity to complete any further work on the property during Queen’s birthday weekend. I needed to complete some work at the office over the long weekend due to a workflow backlog caused by the month long level 4 restrictions and two week level 3 restrictions.

Without any more long weekends available, it appears that work has stalled until Labour Weekend. Hopefully I should be able to take a weekend here or there to organise the delivery of the new kitchen for installaltion. However, the painting will need to wait until winter finishes.

This is disappointing as I hoped to have the property tenanted by now.

List of things needing completing:

  • Line kitchen with gib and gibstop
  • Paint kitchen
  • Install kitchen
  • Lay vinyl in kitchen and dining room
  • Fix broken window sashes and fix new window stays
  • Paint Exterior
  • Install new guttering
  • Lay new tiles around fireplace

I am going to post some pictures of my progress once I have visited the property again.

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